3 Easy Steps to Creating a Healthy Work Environment

By Leland • Health • 16 Sep 2015

Work may not seem healthy to most of us, and that could be due to some problems with easy fixes that you’re overlooking. Is your office too dark? Are the walls plain white? What does your desk look like–is it cluttered or clean? Here are some steps you can take to inspire a healthy workspace.

Move Your Desk by a Window
The first order of business: lighting. A dark workspace is drab and can easily put you to sleep. With proper natural lighting, you’ll remain awake throughout the day.¬†Studies have shown that natural lighting can improve not only a person’s well-being, but also lift a person’s mood.

Add a Little Color or Art for Inspiration
Don’t leave your office space completely bare. It’s been proven that certain colors can enhance the brain and allow it to work more creativitely and think more critically.

Keep Your Workspace Clean
It’s easier said than done. A lot of office staff tend to keep their desks unorganized and a mess when they leave for work–thinking they’ll clean it up the next day.

The solution to this is to create designated folders, bins and drawers for your paperwork and supplies so that they can go back where they belong once you’re finished.

Examples of healthy and unhealthy workspaces:

17ik1dmp628aojpgThis office space is mostly clean, which is great, however the plain white walls and lack of natural lighting will instantly put you to sleep. An office space like this does not promote creativity and good vibes, but instead encourages sleep and lethargy.

white-and-clean-workspaceWe’re getting somewhere with this arrangement, as the walls are not white, but instead a neutral color that begins to brighten up the room. Still, it appears there’s no natural lighting.

Minimalistic-Office-Design-Inspiration10This last example is pretty close to perfect, though there’s hardly a lot of color, that decision will be up to you. A large wall covered in inspriting wall art and a window to gaze out when you need a mood booster is essential. As you notice, this desk is also spotless, allowing the worker space to work and spread out if needed.

About the Author: Jenna is a guest contributor from Corporate Office Interiors, providing affordable office furniture and ergomonic furniture to businesses in Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo.

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