3 Reasons Why Brunch is Healthy for You

By Leland • Food • 15 Oct 2015

Healthy BrunchBrunch has become an option for many in today’s society. We love to sleep in later, brunch is easy to make, and we live such busy lives, brunch can take out the other meals in our day. It’s a common assumption that brunch is full of greasy breakfast foods combined with carb-filled lunch items. While it all depends on the brunch items you choose to consume, eating brunch can be a healthy alternative to other meals during the day.

Brunch can be either healthy or unhealthy, but it has some simple benefits that people often overlook.

Sleep in Later

Brunch allows you to sleep in later. Get in those much needed extra hours of sleep and hold off for a delicious, healthy brunch around 11 a.m. Sleeping in from time to time has proven to have surprising health benefits.

Eat a Smaller Breakfast and Lunch

Brunch is typically served between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., around the time you’d typically eat lunch. It’s true that skipping a good morning meal can be unhealthy, but a lot of people skip breakfast due to busy mornings or disinterest in eating breakfast at all. Even if you are opting for a healthy, hearty brunch, make sure you still consume something in the morning and after brunch–even if it is just a smoothie, for example. If you combine your brunch with some protein like eggs and meat, and you’ll also be ready to take on day.

Healthy Brunch Ingredients

A mid-morning brunch can be especially healthy if you focus on nutritious ingredients. Fruit, protein, and even vegetables. Don’t turn your brunch into a greasy steak dinner. Brunch should be light with hints of colorful fruit, eggs, and a nutritious smoothie blend, and that’s exactly what makes it so healthy.

About the Author: Heather is a guest contributor from The Table, an elegant restaurant at Inner Banks Inn with a farm to table cuisine, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

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