The 3 Best Yoga Centers in East Lansing

By Inigo • Health • 21 Jan 2015

Yoga has become a major trend in weight loss in the recent years and is really fun and healthy way to take care of your body! Here are the top 3 best yoga centers around East Lansing, Michigan for your body healing needs:

1. Center For Yoga: Movement and Massage

The Center for Yoga offers classes Monday-Saturday and makes it easy to sign up on their website. Drop in classes are only $20 and can be paid after completing a class. Classes offered include: Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga, Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. There are four different levels to choose from and specialty classes as well as massages and acupuncture are also offered.

2. Yoga State

Yoga State located on Grand River Ave., offers a multitude of yoga classes and services. There is hot yoga, kids yoga, and spinning is also offered. Another awesome Yoga State perk is that they offer $5 Sundays where yoga and spinning classes are only $5.

3. Bikram Yoga Capital Area

Bikram Yoga Capital Area offers a variety of class deals and types of yoga. They also have family free yoga for all families to try. Their facilities are beautifully crafted and have great instructors that are knowledgeable and answer questions easily.

Visit any one of these great yoga facilities for an awesome work out and to get your body back to a healthy weight or just to make you feel better!

About the Author: Heather is a guest contributor from The Center for Optimal Health, a wellness center in East Lansing that offers a variety of health services.


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