5 Facts about Dental Implants

By Mikalah • General, Health • 11 Jan 2018

Tooth loss is not uncommon in America. In fact, millions of Americans lose their teeth. If you’re one of these people, you have several options to replace them, including dentures, bridges, and dental implants. While you can discuss each option with your dentist, we recommend dental implants due to their durability, comfort, and ease of use. If you’re unsure of how dental implants work, here are five facts about dental implants to guide your decision making.

Say Goodbye to Cavities

One of the best things about getting dental implants is that you can no longer get a cavity where the implants were installed. While you can’t skip brushing, flossing, and check-ups altogether, getting dental implants can help improve your oral health by preventing bone loss and ensure you don’t end up right back in the dentist’s chair.

Nothing Beats the Durability   

Unlike bridges, dental implants are durable enough to last a lifetime. They are usually made of titanium, a sturdy metal, and they fuse to your jawbone. Bridges often need to be replaced within a decade because a small part of your natural teeth is left intact underneath, leaving your remaining tooth vulnerable to decay and your bridge to wear and tear.

They’re Comfortable and Easy to Use

With dental implants, you can skip the step of having to constantly remove and clean them, which is certainly not the case with dentures. Implants allow you to restore the feeling and look of having real teeth. You can eat without fearing that they may fall out or shift in your mouth. You don’t need to worry about obscured or slurred speech because your implants will be secure and will not slip out of your mouth.

They Have a Tried-and-True History

While you may think that dental implants are a relatively new invention, crude versions have been around since 2000 B.C. A breakthrough came in the 1950’s when an orthopedic surgeon experimented with rabbits and discovered that titanium fused to their bones. They began to be used in dental practice in the mid-1960’s.

You’re Not Alone

Three million Americans have dental implants, and with a 98 percent success rate, we’re not surprised. More and more people get dental implants each year. Ask your family and friends – chances are one of them is likely to have dental implants, too.

About the author: Mikalah is a guest contributor from Daniel J. Derksen, DDS, PLLC, a dentist in Lansing, Michigan that specializes in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Derksen Dentistry offers dental implants, and is one of the 10 percent of all US dentist offices that provide this service. 

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