How to Allergy-Proof Your Home

By Leland • Health • 6 Jul 2015

It’s hard to imagine, but the air inside our homes can be just as or more polluted than the air outside–which is a lot of pollution. Even the smallest things can cause pollution in the home–from candles to printers to the dust lingering on the window sills and couch cushions. With the growing carbon dioxide outside, that only makes mold more suseptible to growing inside. All these polluntants–especially the dust–cause allergies that can be hard to get rid of. So to prevent or minimize the chance of allergies, here are a few things you can do to “allergy-proof” your home:

Stop Mold in the Bathroom
There’s a reason your bathroom has a ventilation fan. It can stop mold growth in damp, moist environments–like your bathroom! Mold is one of the most common home allergens, causing wheezing, coughing, sneezing and other unneeded respiratory problems. If you don’t have ventilation fan, install one. Some home designers ditched the ventilation fan in the ceiling because of bathroom windows, so if that’s the case, crack the windows and leave the door ajar. Ventilation will reduce moisture and keep mold at bay.

Dust and Clean
It’s a chore no one wants to do, but it’s a chore that will prevent sneezing and breathing problems. Dust at least once a week around your home, even getting the hard-to-reach places which harbor allergens. A microfiber cloth or dusting wand can be your best friend. They have super tiny, thin fibers that trap and capture dust unlike normal clothes or towels you may be using.

Wash Stuffed Animals
We know your kids may not want to give their favorite teddy bears a bath, but furry little stuffed animals are a magnet for dust mites. Kids love to display their stuffed toys on their beds, but keep it to a minimal by only allowing two or three at a time and storing the others in a plastic bin to avoid dust accumulation. If your son or daughter prefers them not to be washed, letting them dry in a hot dryer for about 20 minutes will get rid of any mites clinging on to the stuffed animal.

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