The Benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage

By Leland • General, Health • 18 Dec 2015

aroma5What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a type of relaxation method in which essential oils from flowers, seeds, barsk, herbs, roots, or other organic materials are used to effectively treat or prevent illness or simply provide relaxation. The relaxation is due to the smells of these oils. Often times these oils are also used during a massage, however, they can also be placed throughout a massage room to have the same affect.

Like all massages, an aromatherapy massage helps do a lot of things physically and mentally. Here are the benefits of an aromatherapy massage:

1. Reduces Stress in the Body
For prolonged periods of time, we build up negative energy in our bodies, often times associated with stress. A simple massage without the aroma of essential oils will reduce stress, however, there have been proven cases that show aromatherapy genuinely contributes to the relief of stress in the body. The massage part of the therapy contributes to pain or physical muscle relief.

Those who have had an aromatherapy massage have said they have less stress during a stressful situation and have also felt less pain, according to a study by The National Center for Biotechnology.

2. Decreases Risk of Depression
Calming smells, like citrus or vibrant aromas, including lavender essential oils, have uplifting qualities about them. They are soothing to the mind and therefore reduce the effects of depression. A massage using essential oils will uplift your spirit.

3. Improves Blood Pressure
This benefit is ultimately a factor of stress relief. With reduced stress comes lower blood pressure, meaning the body is relaxed. Lower blood pressure is a healthy sign, meaning you might be less angry or anxious, as well.

4. Relieves Pain
Naturally, we’re all aware that massages help reduce pain and even manage it. Regular massage visits are recommended, but aromatherapy also contributes to pain relief. The simple smell of clary sage is often used for pain relief.

To ensure that your body receives the full effects of an aromatherapy massage, you should do the following:

  • Focus on your breathing during the massage. Breathe in continually. Massage patients sometimes find themselves holding their breath unintentionally while receiving a massage. This could be due to the pressure of the massage. Be sure to focus on your breathing.
  • If you find it difficult to breathe while receiving a massage, ask for less pressure. Massage therapists prefer you to let them know if you would like more or less pressure.


About the Author: Liz is a guest contributor from Whale Walk Inn and Spa, a Cape Cod bed and breakfast offering specials and packages, including massages and aromatherapy massages.

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