The Benefits of Massages

By Inigo • Health • 25 Sep 2014

Massages are known for the ability to relax you after a long week, but massage therapy can do so much more than simply easing tension in your muscles. With the many different types of massages available, the benefits are numerous. An overarching benefit of massages is the ability to reduce stress in order to keep you healthy to fight off diseases and keep your immune system functioning better. A common reason for massages is also the ability to alleviate back pain to allow patients to feel and function better. Here are other top reasons to include massage therapy into your medical routines.

Improve Sleep

Massages have been proven to help induce healthy sleep in patients. The link resides in the massage’s effect on delta waves, the brain waves that are connected to promoting deep sleep. As the massage enacts upon these brain waves, a deeper, healthier sleep can be achieved.

Reduce Headaches

Tension headaches can be both debilitating and irritating when trying to go about your day. Regular massages can alleviate headaches and your overall number of migraines. This also includes decreasing the pain felt in each migraine. Massages not only work directly on the headache, but also on the stress that can cause tension headaches. By alleviating and reducing some of that excess stress, additional headaches can be eliminated.

Improve Skin

Massages increase blood flow, which can revitalize dull or slack skin. This blood flow encourages lymphatic drainage to plump up slack skin. This can also bring shine back into your hair and add nutrients to your skin. Reducing tension and stress while rejuvenating your skin and hair is a dream for every woman.

About the Author: Rachel is a guest contributor from The Center for Optimal Health who is dedicated to integrating healthy lifestyle habits with the best medicine.

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