You Can Break Or Seriously Damage Your Teeth With These!

By Izzie • General, Health • 18 May 2013

Although teeth are extremely strong and durable, they can be easily harmed if you are not taking care of them. Having problems with teeth is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you. That is because no matter how happy you feel, it will definitely ruin your day. This article is going to present you a few aspects about how you can break or damage your teeth if you are not careful.

It is not a good idea to use your teeth in order to open certain things such as a bottle of beer, a bag of chips, hard nuts, and so forth. Although you might think that it will save you time or it will make you look cool, this can harm your teeth over time. The enamel can be seriously damaged and you will feel pain as well as total discomfort in your mouth.

Different sports require special equipment in order to be performed correctly. For example, boxing is a contact sport that involves powerful punches at the face. Therefore, the teeth might be affected considerably if a mouth guard is not worn.

Although it might look ugly or uncomfortable when you are wearing it, keep in mind that it will protect your teeth and you will be able to use them normally for the rest of your life, regardless of the power of the punch you just took. If you practice boxing or any other sport of contact, make sure that you always have such an item with you all the times.

In some cases, the force of a punch is so powerful that it can actually break your teeth and render you unable to continue the fight. So, it is not a good idea to risk that much just for a sport. Stay on the safe side and wear adequate equipment.

Although it might look cool, piercing your tongue can also affect your teeth too. That is because when you speak or sing, your tongue moves a lot and the piece of metal from your mouth might actually touch the teeth frequently. In time, your teeth might become damaged and you will have to see a dentist.

Those are just 3 unfortunate cases when you can seriously damage your teeth, but there are many more. Just remember to protect them all the times and in the case you have a dental emergency, visit a professional ASAP. There are plenty of trustworthy dentists out there, so take advantage of their services in order to have a great oral health.

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