Changing Your Habits: 4 Easy Steps To Get In Great Shape

By Izzie • Food, Health • 19 May 2013

Getting in shape does not have to be difficult or expensive; it is all about choosing a strategy that works. The perfect diet and exercise plan will fit into your life without causing any major disruptions and this makes it easy to maintain. By following a few clever tips, and paying attention to your food groups, you can get the body you want without much effort and the best part is that you can still enjoy your favorite dessert!

Avoid Temptation

You should never shop for food on an empty stomach! Exposing yourself to images of food when you are hungry is a recipe for disaster. You will end up reaching for all the wrong foods and you will leave with a cart full of calories. When you shop after dinner or when you are full, you can walk down the food aisles without reaching for all the sweets. In fact, when you are full, the sight of food might put you off.

Seek Support

Talk to your friends and family about your fitness goals so that they can give you the motivation you need. When everyone knows that you are avoiding particular foods, you are less likely to eat the foods when you are around people. The raised eyebrows when you try to reach for the fudge brownies are enough to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Like-Minded Friends

You can enhance your chances of staying healthy and active by hanging around like-minded people. Your social network has a huge influence on your lifestyle. If your spouse or best friend is gaining weight, this has a huge influence on your own weight. The same happens when the person is losing weight. Staying close to friends who are active will influence you to stay active as well.

Healthy Food Everywhere!

If you have healthy foods around your home, you are more likely to eat healthy. Replace the cookies and chocolates with fruits, nuts and healthy snacks. If all you see every time you open the fridge is yoghurt and berries, your mind will naturally start gravitating towards these foods. Ensuring that your exercise equipment is visible any time to sit before the TV will also motivate you to work out.

It is very important to stick to habits and diets that work. Trying out different programs can have a negative effect because your body does not get the time to adjust to a new routine. Remember that however busy you are, you can always find time to exercise by introducing exercise in your daily routine. If you have the budget for it, cosmetic fat reduction can be very helpful.

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