Why Encinitas, California is the Perfect Health and Wellness Getaway

By Alex • General, Health • 8 Oct 2018

Hovering along the coastline between San Diego, CA, and Orange County, CA, is the beautiful city of Encinitas. This region isn’t as famous as Los Angeles or the San Diego Zoo, but it has a lot going for it as a subtle reprieve from the real world. Learn why Encinitas, CA, is the perfect health and wellness getaway for any adult. You may find yourself moving there after just one visit.

The Outdoor Reprieve

Scientists have long stated that being outdoors is incredibly healthy for the average person. The plants give off oxygen that helps our respiration, and the reprieve from the urban lifestyle is relaxing.

Encinitas has open spaces for walking in parks or along the glorious beaches. Make a day out of the experience or take a 15-minute break from a laborious task. Your health and wellness will improve as a result.

Social Exploration

Family time and community events are priorities in Encinitas, CA, reports Encinitas Coast Life. The basis for anyone’s health and wellness resides in their ability to feel accepted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the city for one day or an entire month, you’ll feel included with so many activities put on by the local residents and businesses. Simply look up an event that looks interesting to you and go. Socializing with like-minded people improves your overall health.

Comfortable Temperatures Year-Round

No one wants to feel uncomfortable as they go about their day. Extreme cold or heat will wear on your mood and health. San Diego Real Estate Today states that Encinitas has good temperatures year-round. In fact, they even rival Hawaii’s temperatures. Thanks to the beach being so close, daily temperatures don’t fluctuate too much.

Emphasis on Healthy Food

Encinitas is the perfect health and wellness getaway because of its emphasis on healthy food. In fact, the city and businesses offer a wide variety of foods for every diet, concludes The Venue Report. Whether you’re a vegan or meat lover, there are healthy foods at restaurants, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores. Healthy eating leads to a strong body and mind as you enjoy the best that Encinitas has to offer.

Make it a goal to speak with the locals when you visit Encinitas, CA. Soaking up the local color will only immerse you further into this beach culture. If you are looking for a place to stay in Encinitas that focuses on health and wellness, a wonderful boutique hotel is Inn at Moonlight Beach. At the end of the trip, you might feel like a local yourself. The city has a welcoming spirit that’s contagious.

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