Fibromyalgia Diet – Seven Foods to Avoid

By Izzie • Food, General, Health • 14 Jun 2013

It is well-known that diet plays a crucial part in fibromyalgia – but the analogous diet doesn’t work for all sufferers and not all are helped in the analogous manner.

Although there might not be a sole set of nutritional parameters which is right for every fibromyalgia sufferer, there are several food types or groups which seem to be making a difference for notable numbers of individuals. However, bear in mind, avoiding such foods does not guarantee that symptoms will falter. Moreover, evading one set might proffer benefits whereas another one might not be making much difference. Nonetheless, specialists concur that an ideal fibromyalgiadiet ideally involves elimination of the below outlined foods for better symptom management.


In many fibromyalgia sufferers, food items having aspartame sweetening can aggravate symptoms. A small-scaled trial appearing in the ‘Annals of Pharmacotherapy showed that fibromyalgia sufferers who steered clear from aspartame & monosodium glutamate used for enhancing flavouring observed general betterment in their condition.

Some sweetener brands like saccharin, stevia, spenda didn’t seem to be having the same effects as aspartame.

Nitrates, Additive in Foods

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is one of those additives or flavour enhancers present in food items that have undergone processing, freeze items & dishes in Asia. Specialists state that it could heighten pain signs among several fibromyalgia patients. The analogous also holds true for preservative-containing food items like hams, bacons & bolognas (luncheon meats) which have nitrates.

Many individuals without fibromyalgia aren’t capable of ably tolerating monosodium glutamate or preservatives. However the stimulus which several individuals might be finding slightly disagreeable turns out to be quite disagreeable among fibromyalgia sufferers. Hence, such items are best eliminated from a fibromyalgia diet.

Simple Carbs, Sugared Foods, Fructose

There’s absence of apparent proof that curbing simple carbs such as sugars, cakes or white breads would be affecting fibromyalgia, though it allays signs of incessant yeast infection – a fungal form thriving in sugar & might be a secondary problem contributory to fibro pains. Such conjecture is yet debatable among specialists.

When sugared food items, especially high-fructose corn syrup are eliminated from diet it could really help such sufferers. Even halting the intake of aerated drinks having fructose sweetening might help in yielding more apparent outcomes. The aeration in these drinks triggers a metabolic response resulting in larger levels of sugar ending up into the bloodstream at a quicker pace. This is then ensued by a dip in blood glucose levels which aggravates the weariness aspect of fibro. This then leads to further sugar craving episodes ensued by further weariness resulting in an unending cycle. Hence when sugars are eliminated, especially sodas could help in better management of blood glucose levels and lowering weariness and some extent of associated pains.

Any Caffeine-Based Beverage or Eatable

The stimulating properties of high-caffeine drinks draws many a fibromyalgia sufferers to them, though the boosting one gets is bogus & could swiftly aggravate exhaustion.

The caffeine-linked highs are comparatively short-lived ensued by significantly drawn-out & deeper sedating effects. As fibromyalgia patients already suffer from tiredness, these sedating effects could be felt with great potency, be augmented and last for longer span of time.

The positive side is that when caffeine is cut out, patients have felt better in just about seven days while some started feeling better almost instantly.

Gluten, Yeast

Though they are different food items, but they often are seen in concert – especially in foods post-baking. Hence, when one is eliminated, generally it translates to one curbing out duo which could truly be yielding duo diverse advantages for fibro sufferers.

For yeast, several physician state that it helps in fostering overdevelopment of yeast fungal form in our bodies which might be causing or intensifying most of the aches felt in joints & muscles sensed by fibromyalgia patients. Studies however have to corroborate such an association.

Gluten could make people gluten intolerant often resulting in an array of abdominal conditions & several digestion-related issues. It is even linked to weariness in fibro sufferers.


Irrespective of whether they are less-fat or non-fat, several specialists state that any dairy product –especially milk – has been found to stimulate fibromyalgia symptoms. When these items are avoided they might assist several individuals in improving their overall health.

Nightshade Plant forms

Around two thousand plant species could be part of the nightshade group and the ones which are suitable for eating entail a set which several state could elicit flare-ups in varied arthritis forms, inclusive of fibromyalgia. Some plants include tomato, potato, eggplants, chilli pepper, and bell pepper. Doctors are unsure about the reason for patients sensing betterment after eliminating these foods. But, in case they do not appear to be triggering fibromyalgia pains in some patients they do not have to proscribe them from daily intake as they are quite nourishing.

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