How to Find a Good Dentist in Your Area

By Izzie • Health, State of Healthcare • 16 Feb 2016

dentistThere are often many factors to take into consideration when choosing a dentist that is right for you. You might inquire about office hours and if they’re convenient for your schedule, how close the dentist’s office is to your place of work or home, the dentist’s qualifications and his or her approach to preventive dentistry, and if the dentist participates in your dental health plan. You might also wonder if the dental staff is helpful or if the office and facilities are clean and orderly. There are many more details that go into finding the right dentist for you, and sometimes it takes a bit of research to decide on a dental provider.

When searching for a local dentist, there are many resources and people that can help.

Talk to people you know.
One of the first things to do is talk to people you know. Ask colleagues or friends what dentists they go to. They will have the best insight as to what they offer. They not only can describe to you where the dentist is located, but also give you a real-life account of their experiences during their dental visits.

Ask a local pharmacist or a doctor.
Family doctors or local pharmacists can usually provide you with some information on a local dentist. Sometimes these specialists have worked together, so they can provide you with a professional opinion of the dental provider.

Have a former dentist after a move? Ask them for a recommendation.
Similarly, a former dentist you might have had can provide you with a professional recommendation moving forward. It’s pretty difficult to find doctors and dentists in a new area after a big move, so seek help from former providers if you can.

Contact your state’s dental society.
Get in touch with a local or state dental society. You can find a list of these on the American Dental Association’s website. These societies will have great information on dental providers in your area.

Search for reviews.
Search through reviews of local dentists. Just as you would read a review before purchasing a product, do the same with your dental provider. Do they have a Google listing? Patients might have left recent reviews on Google. You can also search through sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Angie’s List reviews cannot be anonymous, so this also cuts down on fake or misleading reviews.

Browse the provider’s website.
Once you’ve narrowed down a list of local dentists, browse their websites. What do they offer? How can you make an appointment? Dentists will likely include the services they offer to patients directly on their websites, too. They might also list their staff and you can browse their qualifications and read quick bios on the registered dental hygienists.

This is a guest post contributed by a local Lansing Dentist.

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