The Health Benefits Of A Farm To Table Breakfast

By Adrianna • Food, General, Health • 14 Apr 2017

It’s no secret that farm to table restaurants have seen a surge in popularity recently. This is a good thing for many reasons since farm to table restaurants have a ton of benefits. For one thing, it can be good for the local community and economy, since it encourages restaurateurs to buy their products from local farmers. Plus, there are few things that are as fresh and delicious as a wonderful farm to table breakfast. However, there are health benefits that can be had from one of these breakfasts as well.

Avoid Processed Foods

Many restaurants use a ton of processed foods when preparing breakfasts and other meals for their customers. Even though they might be okay in moderation, in general, processed foods are full of sodium, sugar, fat and calories and simply aren’t good for you. When enjoying a farm to table breakfast, you can enjoy fresh, non-processed foods.

The Food Has More Nutrients

Another great thing about local farm to table food is the fact that it generally has more nutrients. When produce has to be shipped a long way to its destination, it is often picked before it is ripe so that it does not “go bad” before it is purchased and served. Since local produce does not have to travel nearly as far, it can be picked at the ideal time, meaning that it can be much more nutritious. Plus, it can taste a whole lot better because it’s much fresher as well, so your breakfast can be both tasty and healthy.

You Can Enjoy a More Varied Diet

One benefit that you might not have thought about when it comes to farm to table dining is the fact that it can encourage you to have a more varied diet. In order to get all of the nutrients that your body needs, it’s good to eat a variety of different types of foods. Farm to table restaurants generally serves what is “in season,” meaning that the produce can vary from season to season. This can encourage you to try foods that you might not have ordered otherwise, thus helping you eat a more varied diet. Not only can this be more nutritious for your body, but it can also allow you to expand your palette and try new things.

A farm to table breakfast can have many benefits, many of them health-related. Next time that you are looking for a great breakfast, consider staying at Farmer’s Guest House for a fresh farm to table breakfast every morning.

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