Why Health Companies need to use GIS Mapping

By Adrianna • Health, Technology • 20 Jun 2016

The use of GIS mapping for health and human services is absolutely necessary if our country wants to effectively fight infectious diseases, cancer, diabetes, and other health related issues. There is no question that many health issues are geographically related, so utilizing GIS technology will give health companies the ability to find the source of a health issue based on its geographic trends.  With GIS mapping, users will be able to look at specific demographic information and run statistical tests to see the outcome of changes in health conditions. This high tech mapping software will give health companies such a large amount of vital information, they will be able to impact many lives while advancing their business and the health industry as a whole.

gis mapping of cancer deaths

GIS mapping software will use demographic information such as home address, workplace, and type of disease. With this information doctors can find the trends in health issues based on the day to day activity of the patients in a specific region. For example, there could be a certain type of cancer in one city, and with GIS mapping they will be able to spot why the cancer is so prominent in that area, where it’s spreading, and how fast. Health companies will look at factors such as the environment and socioeconomic status of areas to see how they are affecting the spread of a disease. Users can look at the surrounding bodies of water, forests, mountains, and air pollution to see how they may be playing a role in the spread of a disease. Having this information and the ability to accurately interpret it will give nearby residents the information they need in order to limit themselves from being harmed.

Health companies can work with GIS firms to help them implement their data in to mapping software. Many health companies are adopting the use of GIS mapping to better understand how they can cure or stop the spreading of diseases, and it has become a necessary tool for any health professional to understand.

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