Hiking Trails for Beginners in Deer Isle, Maine

By Izzie • General, Health • 20 Apr 2016

Hiking is an excellent form of exercise that lets you choose a tail and take in the sights. Deer Isle, Maine is a wonderful place for beginning hikers to cross easy trails with spectacular views. Deer Isle offers these five easy trails for hikers to explore the unique coastal landscape.

Settlement Quarry

This old quarry offers visitors three easy trails that explore the landscape and give a glimpse into how glaciers shaped the unique Maine landscape. Gentle slopes and loop trails will open up to expansive ocean vistas. Here you can see how the stone was cut during the quarry’s operation. Some caution should be used when approaching rock piles, crevices, cliff faces and slippery rocks.

Edgar Tennis Preserve

Deer Isle’s largest preserve is home to a 2-mile loop that meanders along the coast of you start on the eastern side. The western route takes you through the shade of the forest before you reach the shore. Pack a picnic lunch with you and set a brisk but enjoyable pace along the trail. Take a long break and enjoy your lunch and the view on the beach.

Crockett Cove Woods

There may be plenty of coastline to see but Crockett Cove Woods lets you stroll through a “fog forest” inland. Any of the four easy trails brings you to the heart of the wood past ferns and mosses. Spruce trees will shade you from the sun as you enjoy the emerald surroundings. Keep your eyes open for the wildlife who call Crockett Cove Woods home.

Scott’s Landing

This small preserve features 1.5 miles of hiking paths great for beginners eager to get going. You can hike to the old sites of the past Scott farmstead for which the preserve is named followed by a hike down to the shoreline. Feel free to follow the beach before the trail turns into the woods. You can expect an easy hike and great photo opportunities here.

Pine Hill Preserve

Take in all that Deer Isle has to offer with the short hiking trail at Pine Hill Preserve. This trail brings you to a small quarry, but the crowning part may be the 100 foot cliff with a trail that brings you right to the top. There you will be rewarded with areal views of Deer Isle and the surrounding islands waiting to be explored.

This post is a guest contribution from Pilgrim’s Inn, a Deer Isle bed and breakfast.

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