An Introduction to Medical Billing Services

By Izzie • General • 26 Apr 2013

In dealing with payment invoicing and collection from patients and insurance companies, a doctor’s office may need additional assistance. Contrary to what others may believe, medical practice involves more than providing healthcare services to patients. It also requires paperwork, and lots of it. As a result, medical staff often gets overwhelmed by such tasks that billing and collection inefficiencies are common. For this reason, many of today’s medical professionals employ the help of medical billing services.

Medical Billing Process

Medical billing or invoicing generally facilitates the submission and follow up of claims to patients and insurance companies in order for the healthcare provider to receive payments for the services rendered. The process of invoicing involves the interaction between the healthcare provider and the patient or insurance company for the purpose of collecting payments. When issues arise, such as denials, rejections and payment errors, a medical billing service may be required.

Medical Billing Services

To answer the needs of medical professionals in handling medical billing and payment collection, medical billing services are widely available these days. There are literally thousands of medical billing companies that exist today, which only reflects the dire need for such services.

Medical billing companies handle the coding, scheduling, submission of claims and collection of payments from patients and insurance companies on behalf of the healthcare provider. They process claims precision in order to resolve unpaid claims or incorrect payments. Their services may also extend to following up on claims that have been denied or rejected by the insurance companies and making the necessary changes to rectify errors.

Advantages of Medical Billing Services

Lots of medical practitioners depend on medical billing services due to the many advantages it entails. One of which is the efficient handling of paperwork. Due to the overwhelming burden of medical staff in filling up of forms, other than updating the patients’ medical records, inaccurate coding often results in more denials and rejections by insurance companies.

Another advantage of medical billing services is that it lets medical professionals offer better healthcare services as they no longer have to worry about coding, submitting and following up of claims. All these are handled by the billing company and offer such a welcome relief to medical practitioners who want to focus on providing healthcare to patients.

Lastly, medical billing services lend their expertise to healthcare providers to maximize collection of payments from insurance companies through prompt and accurate processing of claims. They track payments, follow up on unpaid claims and deal with the denials and rejections to ensure that all services rendered by the healthcare provider are properly compensated.

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