Meal Planning Ideas For Weight Management

By Izzie • General • 13 May 2013

Meal planning goes a long way in ensuring healthy weight loss. However, planning for your diet is not a simple decision because you need to include foods that offer a balanced diet. The balanced diet entails bringing together foods that provide the best mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat and minerals. There are several important factors to consider for meal planning ideas, including:

1. Determine the calorie intake

The daily food intake should be planned in such a way that the calorie requirements for the body are adequate. The food that is to be consumed should include the correct amount of calories to help keep the body healthy and fit.

2. Determine the balanced nutrition

Make a list of all the foods that give a balanced nutrition. Once the optimal calorie requirements have been determined, an individual should look for foods that provide the required nutrition. From the list, determine the foods that provide carbohydrates like brown rice, lentils, yams etc.

You also need to discover from the list foods that offer proteins such as beans and meats, foods that offer fat such as yogurt, foods that offer vitamins such as fruits & vegetables and foods that offer minerals. Your recipes should be planned around this list for purposes of ensuring the family receives a balanced diet. A balance diet will provide you with all the necessary nutrition to help you keep fit and healthy.

3. Employ healthy cooking techniques

The technique for cooking will determine how much nutrition gets into your body. You should consider adopting a healthy cooking method like baking and steaming instead of deep-frying. You should also consider including fresh foods that can be eaten raw as opposed to junk foods and fatty foods.

Instead of using pasta and white rice in the meal, you can consider preparing barley, millet and brown rice because they offer more in terms of nutrition and health. Furthermore, you can prepare them the same way pasta and white rice is prepared.

4. Include healthy foods

Make sure to reduce foods that offer lots of trans-fats. These types of foods include white rice and cheese. Instead of choosing these beige and white foods, try to include colorful foods. The more color that is included in the food, the more nutritious the meal.

Choose an orange, apple or any other seasonal fruit when planning your meals. Alternatively, include a salad that is properly dressed to get good nutrition. Instead of coffee and tea daily, you can consider drinking fresh juice prepared from fruits and vegetables. You should also keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Following these steps will help you manage your weight and becoming a healthier version of yourself!

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