When Pets Are Not Stress Relief

By Adrianna • Animals, General • 4 Nov 2012

My daughter came home from school a bit ago, and I had just given my pets their daily dose of supplements and as I was just finishing up some work, she decided to sit behind my desk and play. I got back into what I was doing and pretty much forgot about her, yeah, I know – not the worlds greatest parent considering she was less that two feet from me.

Just behind my desk chair is a horrible huge blue pillow that the dogs sleep on. It’s horrible looking, but it keeps them from fighting over who gets to be on my lap while I’m working.

My daughter was playing on the pillow. I never saw her get up and get dog treats out of the pantry. But my dogs go crazy over treats, they’ll tear each other apart over them… They take their treats that seriously.

Right beside this horrible pillow is a baby dog gate that we use to keep the dogs in the kitchen when they’re muddy or wet. My daughter loves this gate when it’s not in use and is always dropping things in it and watching them fall, kind of like Plinko for the Price is Right.

Suddenly the dogs got into a huge fight and I told my daughter to get out of there, and leave them be. But I never turned around to look. They dogs kept fighting, and my daughter didn’t move. So I got up to remove her.

The dogs have never bitten her, and they’re not dangerous breeds, they’re a JRT, and two Poms… Hardly scary dogs, but I’m never comfortable when they get to deviling (my husband calls it playing, but I don’t see how it’s playing as they have their teeth bared and everything) and she’s too close. When she’s on the floor sitting she just about their size.

Anyway, I got up to move her and saw that she was desperately trying to get something out of the gate. Here she had grabbed a handful of dog treats and dropped in it. The dogs were fighting over who got to get at the gate to try and get them out, and they were going crazy.

I tried to open the gate to release the treats, but they had it jammed shut. My JRT was despeately trying to reach the treats and getting quite frustrated that he was unsuccessful, the other two were fighting each other, trying to keep the other from the gate…

I got mad and yelled. “Why would you put treats in there… you know how they are when it comes to treats…”

She immediately burst into tears, making me feel bad. I tried to explain that I wasn’t yelling at her because I was angry, but more worried about her than anything.

Why do they always make you feel like you’re a meany when you’re just trying to keep them safe?

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