Plumbing Technology Trends

By Adrianna • Technology • 12 Aug 2016

For plumbing contractors staying current on the latest technology trends is necessary for business growth. Even if the consumer isn’t demanding the latest and greatest plumbing product, it shows that your business is up to date, and cares about keeping up with industry practices.

Going Green

Going Green is a huge technological change in the plumbing industry. Saving water whether it be for your sink, shower, toilet, dishwasher, sprinkler, or other is extremely important for your business. Showing your customers that you are installing eco-friendly products into their home, shows them that you care about the environment and that you want to save them money. For example, there are eco-friendly sprinkler systems that turn off the water at the right time based on weather reports. If plumbing contractors can effectively install these types of systems, they can expect huge business growth within the coming years.

Recirculation Pump

Many customers would love hot water coming out of their facet without having to wait for what feels like forever. Saving some money while doing so would be nice as well. Recirculation pumps can be installed to satisfy these needs, making for some extremely happy customers.

Estimating Software

By utilizing plumbing estimating software, communicating with clients and quoting their project will become much easier. This software allows you to standardize material and labor costs which will save you time and provide for happier customers.

Consumer Health

If contractors can install hands free technology such as faucets and toilet lids, they will see a big increase in customer satisfaction. Health concerns are extremely important to many people, so it’s recommended to offer products that will greatly decrease the risk of germs from spreading in their home.

Shower Heads

Offering unique showerheads will bring a more exciting experience for your customers. There are showerheads that have Bluetooth enabled music and LED color changing lights which offers a fun experience for customers.

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