How to Prevent Cavities

By Leland • Health • 26 Apr 2018

Cavities are a common issue that many people experience, no matter what age. A cavity is a hole in your tooth that forms over time due to decay. Cavities develop when your tooth enamel is weakened by consuming sugary foods and drinks that become lodged in your teeth due to improper brushing. Left alone, a cavity will grow larger and larger. While they likely occur the most prevalently when you’re a child, they can occur at any age if you don’t stick to a solid dental hygiene regimen. Check out our 3 tips on how to prevent cavities to make sure you don’t end up in the dentist’s chair for anything but a checkup.

Brush regularly

We’ve all been told how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day. However, it can be easy to start slacking, especially if you’ve had a late night and can’t motivate yourself to get out of bed. The truth is, it’s vital to keep on your regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. Also, make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, which slows down how quickly your enamel breaks down.

Stop skipping your dental visits

Our fast-paced lives have made it difficult to devote time for things like the dentist or doctor visits, especially when it’s just for a checkup. However, it’s very important to go to the dentist regularly because they will not only professionally clean your teeth, but also provide oral exams.

Limit sugary foods

Sugary foods tend to get stuck in our teeth easier – we’re looking at you, gummy bears. Limit your intake of sugary foods and when you eat them, be sure to brush and floss after. Focus on eating foods like cheese, fruits and vegetables, and tea.

Leland is a guest contributor from Daniel J. Derksen, DDS, PLLC, a dentist in Lansing, Michigan that specializes in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

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