Shots for your Children

By Mikalah • Health • 27 Nov 2012

Lots of things need to happen for your kids to be healthy in the first ten years of their lives. One of those include their shots, so it’s good to know which ones they will need to get, when they should get them, and which ones serve what purpose.

Once your child is born, they will immediately be given several shots, and the physician will inform you when they are due for their next set of shots. It’s good to establish a relationship with a local physician or someone who would be able to be in close contact with you regarding your child’s medical health. It’s also good to update your child’s shot list when they get required vaccines for entering public school, or any other organization that would require shots.

Here’s a great list of the vaccines and shots your child should recieve at different stages of their lives, and when they should be due for particular shots.  Stay organized with your child’s health, and be sure to consult your local family physician for advice.

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