In Sickness and In Health: A Healthy Wedding Reception

By Izzie • Health • 17 Jun 2015

When you’re at the altar, saying “I do,” in sickness and in health, you’re probably not thinking about the wedding reception to come. Well, likely, your guests are. And though celebrations shouldn’t matter whether you’re healthy or not, caterers and provided meals at your reception may not be the healthiest options.

Be sure you’re prepared for all your guests–those looking for healthy options, lactose-free, or gluten-free meals. While these types of requests and allergies for weddings are rare, it’s best to think about our options and what you should and shouldn’t serve your guests, so here are some healthy options that still scream “Just Married” for the perfect wedding celebration.

SB-LobsterRolls-Creditwww.justinide.com_Little Lobster Rolls

Wedding receptions typically have a variety of meats, and usually that includes fish. Lobster, if done right, can be a healthy snack or meal for your guests. Small lobster rolls are portioned out and lighter than a full lobster meal. These can be served as horderves before or after your main course.

IMG_7504-2Caprese Salad

For a light, easy salad, try a Caprese Salad. It consist of only a few ripe tomotoes, fresh mozzarella, a handful of leaves (sometimes Spinach leaves), and extra-virgin olive oil and light vinaigrette. This is a very small salad, great for getting your guests started with a full meal.

Strawberry-Brownie-KabobsFruit Kabobs

For desert, why not serve something a little less conventional than cakes, cookies, sugary treats? A low-fat option could be fruit, or perhaps a fruit kabob. Served either as a side, appetizer, or desert option, fruit is light and still a sweet alternative. You can still serve a fruit kabob with treats, like low-fat chocolate and marshmellows, as pictured here.

About the Author: Millie is a guest contributor from Orchard Inn, a bed and breakfast in North Carolina, providing comfort and relaxation, including events such as weddings.

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