Don’t Just Spring Clean Your Home

By Izzie • Health • 11 Mar 2015

Springtime is here and it’s time to open the windows and clear the dust and staleness that accumulated during the long winter months. Spring is the time to rejuvenate your life and start the season fresh and clear. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be for your homes or offices, begin this new season fresh by spring cleaning your body! 

During the winter months hibernation sounds like the best option to avoid all the cold and snowy slush, but once the sun starts to shine it’s time to start refreshing your body and soul. There are some great, easy ways to start feeling shiny new for this spring season.


This spring take the time to yourself, to meditate and reflect on your life. You can do this a number of ways: begin writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal, start taking long walks each day, begin a new hobby, or just find time each day to relax without distractions. This can help to clear your mind and help manage stress, but most importantly it gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you want in your life, short or long term.

Spend Time Outside

Similar to self timeouts, spending a little time outside each day is good for the soul. After being cooped up all day at the office or school, playing outside with the kids or taking the dog for a walk is a great stress reliever. Don’t let the beautiful weather pass you by because you’re too busy to enjoy it.

Begin a Healthy Eating Plan

Warm weather often leads people to diet and begin thinking about their swimsuit bodies. Instead of worrying about what you’ll look like at the pools in a few months, begin a healthy eating plan that focuses more on being healthy for the long term rather than just for a quick fix. Drink more water, incorporate all those fresh fruits and vegetables that will be in season, take pride in cooking new recipes, and use exercise as an excuse to spend some quality time outside.

Refresh Your Look

Look great, feel great! Why not use the new season as an excuse to refresh you look? Get a new haircut, donate some of those old clothes you never wear, treat yourself to a pedicure, or buy that new dress you’ve been wanting. It’s always fun to update your image and can do wonders for your confidence.

Spring cleaning can extend to your entire life, it never hurts to clean out some negative energy and grant yourself some new and positive opportunities this season!

About the Author: Tina is a guest contributor from The Center for Optimal Health, a Lansing wellness center that focuses on integrating healthy lifestyle habits with alternative medicine.

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