Staying Healthy on your Pontoon

By Mikalah • Health • 10 Feb 2014

While boating on your pontoon may seem like a blast, there are plenty of health concerns that you should make note of before heading out on the water. Many things can go wrong, but with a bit of due diligence, boating can be a safe and enjoyable activity for you, your friends, and your family. Manitou Pontoon Boats was kind enough to provide us a few tips for staying healthy while out on the water for this upcoming boating season.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Not only is a bad sunburn tough to deal with over the next few days. It can cause skin cancer or melanoma later on in life. What’s scarier is that only a few bad sunburns can cause serious skin cancer, and if a shadow can form from the sun, it can cause damage to your skin. That’s why you should take all the necessary precautions before going out on the water to avoid sunburn.

  • Sunscreen – Use a sunscreen that has at least 15 SPF, and make sure that it is a broad spectrum sunscreen. That means that it protects your skin from multiple forms of UV radiation from the sun. You should also make sure that you reapply sunscreen every two hours or
  • Hat – The skin on your face and head is more susceptible to sun damage, meaning that you should be sure to not only apply sunscreen there, but to also wear a hat while out on the water.
  • Shade – Your body can quickly overheat for prolonged periods of being out in the sun, so it’s good to spend half of your time outdoors in the shade. You should take the opportunity to reapply your sunscreen and rehydrate your body.


In the event of an emergency while out on the water, it is important to have enough life jackets for everyone on board. If you have children on your pontoon, make sure that they wear their lifejacket at all times. Also make sure that their lifejackets are designed for their body weight range, and that they feel comfortable in them while in the water. You can easily store these lifejackets under your seats, but make sure everyone on board knows where they are and how to get to them, and make sure that there are enough for everyone.

Fire extinguisher

A fire can happy on your pontoon boat at any time – most notably from the engine. However fires can easily be started from grills, cooking, cigarettes, or other flames that are not properly put out. Even though you’re surrounded by water, fires on boats can be extremely dangerous. It is incredibly difficult to put out a fire on a pontoon without a fire extinguisher, and you have nowhere to run to if the fire gets out of control. Always keep a functioning fire extinguisher on board of your pontoon, and know how to operate it. You can purchase fire extinguishers for boats at boating marinas or online.

Stay Sober

While boating is a fun and relaxing activity, and a few adult beverages may sound like a good idea, too many can lead to a whole host of problems. The overwhelming majority of boating accidents and deaths happen from boat drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Designate a driver who is sober for the entire boating trip, and look out for other boaters on the water who may have had a bit too much.

Boating is all about having fun and making memories while out on a beautiful body of water. Staying safe and healthy ensures that fun will continue for you for many more years to come.

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