Stressed at Eating: 10 Obvious Signs of Gum Disease

By Izzie • Food, General, Health • 10 Oct 2013

It’s never enjoyable when you have to eat with an itchy mouth or swelling gums. Eating with such a condition can be stressing you out. Not only that, it eating means disaster and pain for you, then you might want to consider visiting your dentist to help you. However, if you can’t blame an aching tooth (because none of them is aching anyway) and still you think the problem lies within your mouth, here are some 10 obvious signs that you have to watch out so you know whether or not you’re already suffering from gum disease.

1. There’s a change with the way your teeth fit especially when you bite. When you bite and your teeth feel achy, you should be worried because your gums might be the guilty party why your teeth are not falling into place where they should be. Ask your dentist as early as now to help you diagnose the problem and come up with a possible cure. Ignoring the problem will only make things worse and may even cause you to lose all your teeth in the long run or aggravate what you are already suffering from.

2. Are you actually suffering from bad breath? Let’s say you’re whacked out because even how much you brush your teeth and use that mouthwash to keep off that smell, that icky breath just sticks to you. You’re quite sure that you don’t have halitosis but if it won’t go away, it can be a strong indication that your gums are infested with bacteria. Bacteria that is caused by something else and that should be treated as early as you can.

3. Your gums are bleeding. And you might be brushing your teeth and your gums too hard it bleeds. However, if your gums are bleeding even when you’re not brushing at all, then you should consider the warning bells that obviously tell you that there is something wrong with your gums.

4. Between your teeth and gums are deep pockets. When you see your gums pulling away from your teeth that they produce pockets between the spaces your teeth and gums converge, you may want to seek a dentist’s help. These “pockets” can be home to thousands and millions of bacteria and plaque that might later on weaken your teeth. It’s fine if it’s just a simple problem but if it involves your teeth and gums, it’s something really serious to consider.

5. There’s gory pus between your gum line and teeth. Does your gum look pale and white? That might be because of pus and you know already that wherever pus is present, something definitely wrong, right?

6. Your gums are receding. Not swelling but your gums are thinning or withdrawing away from your teeth making them look longer. They might not be causing you any pain really but you don’t want your teeth falling off your gums for sure. A visit to the dentist would help make things right for you.

7. Instead of a healthy, pinkish hue, you have red gums instead. Well you already read it. Pinkish is healthy, red is not. It’s obvious that it’s another sign of something wrong and something that you have to watch out.

8. Your teeth are wobbly. Do you ever did that tongue pushing and your teeth simply moved like without much effort? That could be because you are suffering from loose teeth that are caused by receding gum tissues. Remember, every time you lose a good working tooth, you’re also making your bones suffer and there’s a mountain of stress-related factors that accompany these things too.

9. You’re losing your teeth, for real. Your teeth are not just wobbly. Your gums don’t just have pockets. It’s not just gum tissues receding; you are actually losing your teeth. If you’re losing them faster than you ought to, you should consider consulting your dentist right now for the problem.

10. Swollen gums. Never ignore swollen gums because they indicate that your gums are infected. And when you get infections in the gums, that might mean a big population of plaque and bacteria build-up already that might do well with a dentist’s helping hand.

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