Tips For Getting In Shape For Your Wedding

By Alex • Health • 30 Oct 2014

As your wedding approaches, it is natural to want to get fit and stay in shape before you big day. This doesn’t mean you need to eliminate all your favorite foods and take up exercising for multiple hours a day (unless you want to). Start early so you can slowly work yourself into your ideal shape without drastic changes that could harm your body. Follow these tips and you can be on your way to a great wedding day body.

1. Start Training 10 Weeks before Your Big Day

This will give you plenty of time to figure out what exercise routines you like, which ones you don’t and which fit into your schedule best. Plan out a workout calendar to keep your on track and motivated. Exercising for many weeks before your big day can also help you keep stress down. Exercising and eating right can reduce stress, making you not only look great, but feel great in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

2. Don’t Aim for Drastic Weight Loss

Getting the body you want for you wedding isn’t about losing weight, but changing your composition. Don’t skimp out on weight training or muscle toning and just focus on cutting calories. You need your strength during this stressful planning time. By working on building your muscles as well, you will be toned and fit and it will be easier to keep this composition and lifestyle after your wedding as well.

3. Control Your Fruit Intake

Fruits are good for you, but loading up on all that sugar isn’t healthy. Juicing diets also bring about muscle loss and strength, making workouts harder instead of easier. Having one glass of juice after a workout can help replenish sugar to muscles, but outside of that, try to cut back on a heavy intake of fruits. A small amount of fruit each day can also help your skin and give you extra vitality, but make sure you don’t get carried away.

4. Work Out With Your Bridesmaids

There is no better motivation than working out with your closest friends for you big day. You can all motivate each other, and everyone will feel good about themselves in their dresses. By including your bridesmaids in your work out plan, they can also help you stay on track. It is easy to slack off and miss a few days if nobody knows what you are doing. Your bridesmaids will help you stay focused to reach your dream body for you big day.

5. Be Disciplined With Yourself

Chocolate and sweets are weaknesses for many of us, but try to limit your sweet tooth during these weeks leading up to your wedding. By eliminating the excess calories that you intake, you will be able to burn more existing calories during your workouts. If you had a successful workout and are craving something sweet, eating a small piece of chocolate won’t hurt. It can be a nice reward as long as you don’t overindulge. Find some healthy snacks to replace the sugary foods in your diet while still allowing yourself to snack every once in a while. Eliminating all sweets can be unrealistic, but try to limit your intake to keep yourself on track for your goal.

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