Top Apps for People with Diabetes

By Izzie • Food, Health, Technology • 1 Mar 2014

Diabetes and its complications can kill you, make you blind or get your leg amputated. It is a serious disease that can impact the quality of life or it can make you live a life filled with discomforts. Diabetes has no known cure and about 26 million Americans are suffering from this disease. The only way you can cope with the condition is to control your blood sugar through exercise, diet and medications. But you need to get lots of help to succeed. And this is why you need to get apps that can help you track your condition and give you information about the disease. Here are some of the top apps that can help with your diabetic condition.


Diabetes control starts with the kind of foods that you eat. It is important to know more about the food that you eat and how it can spike your blood sugar levels. This is the reason why food intelligence is necessary. There is no other app in either iOS or Android that is better than Fooducate. Fooducate is a free app that got 4.5 stars out of the possible five from users. This award-winning app can help give you information about food items by scanning the bar code. Fooducate has data for about 200,000 products which practically covers the entire edible product section of your local grocery.

Glooko Logbook

Doctors want you to track your blood sugar levels. It is essential for diabetics to track blood sugar levels to know which is working and which is not. Doctors need this information so that they can introduce new medication and come up with a better diet with the help of a dietician. A huge part of diabetes control is intelligence and data. There is no better app that can help you track the blood sugar levels than Glooko Logbook. It is able to quickly track and record your blood sugar levels straight out from your Glooko glucose meter with the companion sync cable. The logbook makes it easier to store records and frees you up from the hassle of manually updating the records.

Diabetic Connect

Learn how other diabetics manage their condition with this free app that ranked a perfect five stars in the AppStore and a great 4.5 stars in the Playstore. Diabetes management should be done with the advice of your doctor. But it would not hurt to learn about the best practices of other diabetics. Diabetic Connect lets the patient connect with other diabetics to share stories, concerns and to provide questions to answers that are related to the disease.

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