Understanding the Link Between Smartphone Use and Anxiety

By Izzie • Health, Technology • 6 Nov 2013

Long ago, cell phones were deemed to be a device mainly used for important calls. But, gone are the days when phones were used only for calling. Nowadays, almost everything is already made possible through the use of smartphones. This may seem like one big convenience for many of us who need to juggle between too many tasks and responsibilities as we keep up with the demands of modern living. Unfortunately, excessive use of these smartphones has also been linked to a condition which has become very common in these present times. This mental condition is called anxiety. Read further to find out how the use of smartphone contributes to symptoms to anxiety.

Missed calls can cause anxiety

In a study phantom calls and non-existent texts caused people to be anxious. This may be brought about by the compulsive behavior of knowing who is trying to contact you which has become more of the norm than the exception. If this occurrence becomes more frequent an individual will more likely to become vulnerable to the symptoms of anxiety. If you want to set a downtime for yourself so you could relax and be calm, turn off your smartphone. To avoid an increase in the number of missed calls, forward all calls to your voice message box.

Smartphones can disrupt sleep

Lack of quality sleep can cause anxiety. Sleep is being interrupted when there is a smartphone being placed nearby. The anticipation of someone sending an email or a text can cause the brain to be stimulated instead of being in a state of relaxed mood. This disruption can cause fewer hours of sleep which can lead to fatigue, sluggishness and even lethargy at work. Symptoms of anxiety can also become more pronounced when people are not getting enough sleep. So, if you really want to get a good night sleep, ditch those smartphones from your bed. This way, you will never have to be awakened in the middle of the night just because some insomniac sent a nonsense text message.

Smartphones are great devices that have made our lives easier. It is important for people to realize that these are mere gadgets and should not rule their world. Keep smartphone usage to a minimum and have a normal life which includes walks in the park, eating with real friends and becoming more active. Take what life has to offer rather than what the App Store or Google Play is trying to have you installed in your device.

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