Unique Places To Exercise On A Trip To Santa Barbara

By Leland • General, Health • 6 Jul 2017

Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the country. Located in sunny Southern California, the city is bursting with life and activity and offers excellent outdoor weather year-round. For those who like to keep to a steady exercise routine even on vacation, the city also offers a ton of unique workout options. Here are a few fun workout places and activities to try.

Sail Boating
While this may sound more like a leisurely, luxury activity, sail boating can actually be quite the workout. It requires balance and strength as you navigate the boat on the water. Mariners must be adept at balancing the boat and maneuvering the sail to catch the wind. Santa Barbara is known for their quaint ports and bays of water, and the Santa Barbara Harbor is one of the best places to experience this unique workout.

Tandem Biking
Tandem biking is a unique and fun way to explore the city while still getting a great workout. You and your family can rent tandem bikes and explore the boardwalks of one of the city’s many bays. This exercise option allows you to sneak in a workout without sacrificing quality vacation hours with your family. It’s also a great option if you are traveling with a spouse, friend, or another companion who may not dig completing a workout on vacation. Biking is easy on your joints, but still, offers great cardio and strength-based training.

Beach Sprints
The beach offers one of the best workouts in the book. The resistance of the sand makes for great strength training and serves as a natural toner. You can do simple sprints or consider downloading a “Tabata” application that offers high-intensity interval training scenarios. This allows you to get a solid workout in under 15 minutes so you can continue to enjoy your vacation with limited interruptions.

Hiking the Trails
Hikes are always a great exercise when in Santa Barbara. The Rattlesnake Canyon Trail and Jesusita Trail are two of the most popular options in the city. They’re scenic, but offer an option for hikers of any skill level and experience.

These are just a few of the many exercise options in Santa Barbara. The city offers the best of everything from water sports, mountainous trails, and flat city walks. You’ll quickly and easily be able to get complete your workout without the help of a gym.

About the Author: Sandy is a guest contributor from Cheshire Cat Inn, a Santa Barbara bed and breakfast located near the beach.

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