Unwind and Relax in One of These Santa Fe Spas

By Leland • General, Health • 25 Jan 2017

When the boss is breathing fire over your presentation and the kids are running wild stress can naturally build up. Now you are a toxic, tense mess – ready to explode at any minute. Why not take the time to relax? Go somewhere to melt away those corded muscles. Float in a pool. Sip a drink while getting a pedicure. You deserve it and these three spas in New Mexico can provide it:

  • Ten Thousand Waves
  • Sunrise Springs Spa Resort
  • Absolute Nirvana Spa and Gardens

Ten Thousand Waves
This spa embraces the Japanese belief that serenity and relaxation go hand-in-hand. Try a private hot tub with a cool plunge. A waterfall spills into the cold plunge for added peacefulness. Have a nose-to-toes experience, which literally relaxes you from your head to your feet with Thai stretches, a foot rub and Yasuragi head/neck/shoulder treatment. A Deluxe Herbal wrap is perfect to detox and relax. Herbal soaked linens are wrapped around your body. Then a blanket is added. Your head and shoulders are massaged as the herbs whisk away toxins.

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort
A spa that embraces both eastern and western therapies, this spa focuses on wellness. Enjoy an Ancient Echos Indian head massage. Using energy balancing techniques this massage will rejuvenate your head, neck, shoulders, face, ears and scalp. It even concludes with a foot massage. The Ojitos are private pools or mineral-infused waters where you can bathe au naturale. Imagine relaxing in the private pool under the stars for pure bliss. Reiki (energy healing) as well as acupuncture and chiropractic care are all available to give an overall wellness to our guests. Choose any single or combination of therapies to get the healthy wellness you desire.

Absolute Nirvana
Cleanse and detox, relax and be pampered in this luxurious spa. Located in the gardens of a Victorian Queen Anne house, this spa specializes in the Balinese facial and spa treatments. Begin your treatment with Jamu, a tonic made with chocolate and acai berries, which is high in anti-oxidants. In a private room, you can indulge in Thai massage, hot-stone massage or a facial. All of the products used here are natural and organic. Add-on a rose petal bath after your massage for sublime luxury. After your treatment, you can relax in the gardens with a cup of tea and a cookie.

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