How To Do Yoga On The Beach In Maine

By Leland • General, Health • 14 Aug 2017

Yoga has become one of the most popular workout regimens in the United States. There are countless yoga studios and classes offered in metropolitan cities while yoga on the beach has been steadily growing in popularity. By participating in a yoga session in a serene setting like a beachfront, students are able to enjoy their workout with ocean waves and sunny skies as a tranquil backdrop. For residents or travelers in Maine, beach yoga might be a new or unfamiliar concept so here are a few ways to get into the trend and get the most out of your beach yoga experience.

While participating in an organized beach yoga class isn’t completely necessary, it is a great opportunity to transition from the secluded and private indoor yoga environment to a public setting. Joining a group of people who are comfortable working out in public is an empowering experience, particularly for the more private and reclusive yoga enthusiast. Not only that, but networking with other people who enjoy beach yoga is a great first step to making it into a weekly routine and getting inside tips on the best beach yoga spots. Yoga on York is a community for people who enjoy outdoor yoga on York Harbor Beach. They offer yoga classes for 20 dollars on a bi-weekly basis and even discount 10 dollars for academic students or yoga instructors.

If group yoga is not for you, then a private beach yoga session requires a little additional preparation. On top of having the standard yoga mat, purchasing a tarp to set underneath your yoga spot is a must when trying to prevent sand from getting all over yourself or your mat. Choosing your go to beach is also important because you’ll want the specific location to check beach conditions like weather, wind and also get a sense of the regular crowds so you know the best time for you to schedule your beach yoga session. Secluded locations like Seawall, Jasper or Sandy Point Beach offer the most ideal setting for beach yoga since foot traffic is minimal and you can pair a brisk hike for a nice cardio component to your workout regimen. Hendricks Head and Barrett Park are both excellent locations if you’re staying in Boothbay Harbor accommodations.

For coastal states like Maine, yoga enthusiasts are uniquely able to harmonize their mental and physical meditative experience to the natural environment with beach yoga. Make the most of your yoga experience and be sure to try it yourself.

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